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Our services are focused around value creation during and after the acquisition process.  



Our professionals help clients define M&A strategies reflective of the changing landscape of industries, customers, and competitors. Clients count on us to help identify opportunities and targets for growth aligned with their corporate strategy.


Integration and divestiture involve additional challenges, including costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual. We help clients address end-state planning and integration or separation needs to be better prepared for day one and beyond.

Value Creation

Our operating partners ensure that value is created and accelerated after acquisition or merger by becoming (and driving) economies of scale, and by the realignment of objectives and focused value creation on behalf of investors.


Our merger and acquisition advisory practice is performed in conjunction with qualified CPA and legal experts and includes general strategic and transaction-specific counsel regarding mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds and divestitures.  We provide guidance to management and Boards of Directors, business owners, investors and other interested parties.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Provide valuation analyses

  • Evaluate potential acquisition targets

  • Evaluating and proposing financial and strategic alternatives

  • Assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition

Divestiture and Sale Transactions

  • Advise on appropriate sale process for the situation

  • Assist in preparing the offering memorandum or other marketing material

  • Identify and contact selected qualified acquirers

  • Assist in negotiating and closing the acquisition

When advising on behalf of target companies, special board committees or selling shareholders, we can provide transaction direction, assistance in negotiations and give impartial and objective recommendation regarding the merits of received proposals.

Services Include:

  • Portfolio strategy

  • Strategic and operating model assessment

  • Target screening

  • Deal structuring

  • Readiness review

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Post-Merger Integrations

Our integration projects encompass both enterprise-wide and function-specific integration management as well as tactical execution, with a focus on realizing deal objectives and synergies. Below are some examples of the type of services and activities we offer.

Services include:

  • Integration/separation planning and support

  • Day one readiness

  • Integration program mobilization

  • Synergy support

  • Carve-out and stranded cost support

Post-Merger Integrations

Operating Partners/
Value Creation

The era when private equity was associated with mere financial engineering is a distant memory.

Operational Value Creation

Whether the focus of the acquisition is buy-to-sell, buy-to-grow or buy-to-kill, our operating partners are hired to accelerate value creation.

Main functions include:

  • Ensure businesses stay on track post-acquisition, with everyone working toward a successful exit.

  • Balance cost-cutting and revenue growth initiatives to accelerate IRR.

  • Detect early warning signs of business performance deviating from the investment case and promptly take appropriate recovery actions.

  • Create value beyond the investment case.

  • Strike a balance between support and challenge, develop a more active ownership approach, and interact with management teams and investors to ensure transparency of performance, clarity of decision making, and ultimately higher exit returns.

Where We Excel

  • Simplicity and Clarity: We understand what needs to be done. We outline a simple strategy and mobilize teams.

  • Gumption: Getting things done and adding muscle where needed.

  • Accountability: Taking ownership of problems and their solutions.

  • Focus: Knowing what to ignore and what to address.  We recognize that the portfolio leadership team has finite bandwidth.

Operational Efficiency

Post-Merger Integrations
Value Creation
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