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Operational Value Creation

Whether the focus of the acquisition is buy-to-sell, buy-to-grow or buy-to-kill, our operating partners are hired to accelerate value creation.

Main functions include:

  • Ensure businesses stay on track post-acquisition, with everyone working toward a successful exit.

  • Balance cost-cutting and revenue growth initiatives to accelerate IRR.

  • Detect early warning signs of business performance deviating from the investment case and promptly take appropriate recovery actions.

  • Create value beyond the investment case.

  • Strike a balance between support and challenge, develop a more active ownership approach, and interact with management teams and investors to ensure transparency of performance, clarity of decision making, and ultimately higher exit returns.


Where We Excel

  • Simplicity and Clarity: We understand what needs to be done. We outline a simple strategy and mobilize teams.

  • Gumption: Getting things done and adding muscle where needed.

  • Accountability: Taking ownership of problems and their solutions.

  • Focus: Knowing what to ignore and what to address.  We recognize that the portfolio leadership team has finite bandwidth.

Operating Partners / Value Creation

The era when private equity was associated with mere financial engineering is a distant memory.


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